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How is it funded?

Is it really FREE?

Absolutely free.  (That said, if you can afford some payment, that helps the limited Reach Out funds to go farther to help other people.)

Mike Cole was a local to the Kootenays who took his life in January of 2022.  This site is created by volunteers and friends of his.  We raised funds and continue to raise funds for this because Mike struggled with mental health issues and because of that, we wanted to create a mental health support fund.

How much are the therapists being paid?

We are all friends of Mike Cole's.  Mike was the kind of person that was always solidly there for others, and he struggled with mental health issues - both of those inspired us to create this as a legacy to Mike.

Sara Spicer of Meow Mix got the ball rolling with the idea.  Alon Gelcer, therapist at Insight Quest, and Lauren Heckley of Counselling with Lauren, then volunteered to build the website content.  Sijay James volunteered to create the website itself and the logo.  Sarah Simonet volunteers to make all the payments as the Accounts Payable Specialist.

About Us - Who's behind this?

Each therapist can choose from a sliding scale of $0-60.  Many donate their time completely (thank you! this allows the fund to reach more humans in need!!) and all are encouraged to choose the lowest amount possible.

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