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Alternative FREE Support Services

Reach Out has limited funds!! 

If any of these Alternative Services will meet your needs, PLEASE use these instead of Reach Out!

(This will allow the Reach Out funds to serve more people that don't qualify for any of the

alternative services below.)

Therapist Anchor

Tips on How to Choose a Therapist


Please be aware that we don't screen our counsellors and therapists and leave it in your hands to choose what works for you. Our philosophy is to allow anyone who has significant skill and training in the ability to counsel and help people through mental health challenges, to be a part of our team. We WANT an eclectic and wide variety of helpers so that you have more choice and availability. But that means, you have to be aware of who you're choosing. As such, we recommend you read "How to Choose a Therapist" (above) and also "interview" candidates before making your choice.


Simply choose a therapist from the "Meet The Therapists" page and use their Booking Info to make your booking.

When booking, make sure to mention that you are booking for REACH OUT

so there is no confusion.

Remember, you might need to contact a few therapists to find one the fits with your schedule.


REACH OUT Therapists

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