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Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson

My training and years of experience: 

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (Humanities and Social Sciences) from UBC

Pre and Perinatal Studies with Myrna Martin

Relational Somatic Therapy with Opening to Grace

Inquiry Based Coaching with Innerland Institute

Psychedelic Integration Coaching with Chiron Institute

Years experience:

3 as a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor

My style, focus and what I offer to clients:

I deeply listen and attune to each person as a whole being.  I hold my work through a Somatic and Attachment lens, and meet each person where they are at, supporting them to find greater ease and resilience in their lives from the inside out.  Cultivating relational safety is a priority in my work, and I hold sessions in loving-kindness and curiosity.


I work a lot with women, and with my background as a doula I serve a lot of mothers.  I also support people on their spiritual journey, as well as to integrate expanded states of being into their lives.


In-person? Zoom? Phone? Text?:

In-person as well as on Zoom.


If sessions are in-person, the geographic area I serve:  

In-person sessions are in Nelson.


I will provide service at - No Cost? Low Cost?: 

I will provide services at low cost ($0-50) though I will have a limited availability.


How to book with me:

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