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Shannon Silvermoon

Shannon Silvermoon

My training and years of experience: 

Classes and workshops to become a Spiritual Practitioner through the Centre for Spiritual Living

               Years of personal work with Inner Child healing and on-line training courses as a facilitator

               On-line courses and classes in NLP and Hypnosis training

               Currently in IoPT facilitator training through the Identity Development Institute

I have been a Spiritual Life Coach focusing on helping guide and heal the wounded inner child for just over a year. 


My style, focus and what I offer to clients:

Starting with a session I like to smudge the space and take a few minutes to ground and center. When doing Inner Child guided meditation and hypnosis I provide a safe environment that helps the client feel relaxed and at ease to explore and get in touch with their Inner Child and to retrieve these gentle parts that want to integrate into the heart. IoPT (Identity oriented psychotrauma theory) was developed in Germany by Franz Rupert over 20 years ago, when working with Family Constellations he had realized that while the resonation was real and powerful that we were still looking outside of ourselves. In this work we set an intention for ourselves and through group resonation or individual 1:1 facilitation we can quickly get in touch with our parts that were split off from ourselves from trauma usually at a very young age and in utero. 

In-person? Zoom? Phone? Text?:

Currently I host clients in person or on-line. In person I have a warm welcoming space in my home in Nelson and I have been hosting IoPT circles in local business studios by donation. 

If sessions are in-person, the geographic area I serve:


I will provide service at - No Cost? Low Cost?:

I commit to REACH OUT's request of one free client/year or 10 free sessions/year

and beyond that, I am happy to work on a sliding scale from $25-$50 for individuals

that can not afford sessions. 

How to book with me:

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