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Tisana Scanlan

Tisana Scanlan

My training and years of experience: 

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Yandara, Baja, Mexico - April 2014

     Being True to You Certification - Transformational Recovery / Psychedelic Coaching - Feb 2019

     School of Reverence - Embodied Wonderment Training - ongoing since Oct 2020  

My style, focus and what I offer to clients:

My personal experiences are the parts that inform me as well as the training - infant trauma, attachment styles, abandonment/rejection issues, alcohol and drug addiction for 25 years and the many, many years of therapy I have engaged in.   These include and are not limited to - talk therapy, AA and the 12 Steps, somatic therapy, plant medicine ceremonies, Inner Child work, Landmark Forum and Landmark Advanced, Yoga Teaching Training and the yogic path for recovery and well-being.  ATM, I am in love with Kundalini Kriyas and breath practices as I find them to be life-changing and so utterly grounding.  

I am an experiential person and bring in many grounding techniques to support the nervous system to realign and find a safe place to land.  I listen and reflect back. I see you, I hear you and reflect back.  Being seen and heard is a huge part of our healing and I guide clients to their inner wisdom which allows them to find the answers that are within.  I gently guide into a place of presence so that the story falls away and the body becomes our guide and shows us the way. 

In-person? Zoom? Phone? Text?:

I currently live in Mexico so sessions can be on Zoom, phone or text although texting is not my preference. 

I will provide service at - No Cost? Low Cost?:

I can provide services from $15 - $45

How to book with me:

I can be reached at    WhatsApp +44 7876592915      Signal +1 250 354 7442

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