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Sarah Henry

Sarah Henry

My training and years of experience: 

Sarah is a clinical art therapist, (BFA, DKATI) insured under CATA. Sarah has 4 years of experience working in a variety of mental health settings from schools, addictions work, hospitals, transition homes, and community based. Sarah currently works in the school districts and with private practice.


My style, focus and what I offer to clients:

Sarah works from an anti-oppressive framework informed by trauma-theory. Sarah's Métis ancestry impacts her relational approach with clients. In private practice, Sarah focus's on offering support to individuals who are impacted by having a family member/ friend/ loved one incarcerated. Sarah offers individuals a non-judgemental, safe space to explore using creative modalities. Sarah's aim in her work with people is to provide support to know that we are not alone in our pain, that our shame does not serve us, and that we can heal in meaningful ways through relationship. 


In-person? Zoom? Phone? Text?:

Sarah can provide tele-health services either via zoom or phone. Sarah can also provide in person services if the individual would rather meet in an outdoor space. ("walk & talk") If an individual would like to utilize an outdoor therapy session Sarah can meet in Nelson & close surrounding area.

If sessions are in-person, the geographic area I serve:

Nelson & close surrounding area.


I will provide service at - No Cost? Low Cost?:

I commit to REACH OUT's request of one free client/year or 10 free sessions/year and beyond that, I can provide sessions at Low Cost.


How to book with me:

Sarah can be reached & booked through her website at : or through the "contact" page.

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