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Anja Jaskolski

Anja Jaskolski

My training and years of experience: 

My first experience and practice was with western style Reiki in 2016. Since 2018 I've been fully dedicated to the original Japanese teaching of "Jikiden Reiki". For the past 2 years I have attended several hundred hours of seminars, workshops and training relating to psychotrauma and identity development.

My style, focus and what I offer to clients:

I'm a compassionate, gentle and intuitive practitioner. I respect people's individual needs in regards to how they want their session to be. They don't have to talk much if they don't want to. I hold a safe space for them where they can allow themselves to receive and relax. Reiki is used as a treatment method for physical and psychological issues and supports the natural innate healing ability that all humans possess. It is a traditional and natural hands-on energy healing art from Japan. Reported benefits of Reiki are a reduction in stress and anxiety, promotion of relaxation, reduction of body pain and headaches, an increase of energy and vitality, strengthening of the immune system, and reduction of side effects of chemotherapy. 

In-person? Zoom? Phone? Text?:

I offer in person sessions. Distant Reiki sessions are an additional option after at least one in person session.I'm also available on Zoom if a person simply needs someone to talk to and that holds space for them. 

If sessions are in-person, the geographic area I serve:

I practice in Blewett & Krestova.

I will provide service at - No Cost? Low Cost?:

I will provide service at low cost. I will also offer 5 sessions per year for no cost. 

How to book with me:

Please send me an email@:, phone number will be provided soon.

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